Jeans Day: Australia’s Bushfire Victims 

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January’s Jeans’ Day: Australia’s Bushfire Victims

Australian Red CrossThis month our cause is a bit less local than the charities typically chosen in our communities, but as life is more connected than ever on our little blue marble, many of us are thinking of the suffering felt by the folks in Australia. Since September deadly bushfires have been burning throughout Australia, spurred on by several years of drought and high temperatures. With both humans and nature reeling from this tragedy, we are splitting our donations this month between the Australian Red Cross, and WIRES (New South Wales Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Services).

The Fires

australia bushfire

The out-of-control bushfires have already claimed at least 29 people’s lives, 2,500 homes, 16 million acres of land (about the size of West Virginia), and at least half a billion animals; a huge blow to Australia biodiversity.  Likely millions more animals will die in the coming months due to starvation caused by the devastated habitats. Climate change has lengthened fire season, decreased precipitation, and increased temperature across Australia. These factors fuel the intense and insatiable blazes. Last year was the hottest and driest year ever measured in Australia and climate models continue to demonstrate that this trend will continue. While the full picture of this tragedy is still out of focus we are motivated to do what we can from our part of the world.   

WIRES logo

Supporting Victims

The Australian Red Cross and WIRES are two steadfast organizations on the ground supporting the victims of this disaster. The Red Cross provides humanitarian aid from food, water, hygiene kits and pet supplies to emergency grants of $10,000 to those who have lost homes. NSW WIRES rescues, cares for, and rehabilitates impacted animals as well as provides grants to other wildlife rescue and volunteer groups.

Join In

Keep an eye out for our team wearing jeans on Friday, January 31st to support the victims of the Australian Bushfires. Please consider making your own donation by following the links below.

Donate to the Australian Red Cross

Donate to NSW WIRES 


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