Beyond Insuring Construction. Ensuring Safety.

In the construction industry, whether you are an owner, contractor, or subcontractor, your successes or failures relate directly to your risk reduction strategies. Strategies to prevent, mitigate, transfer and assume risk are as important as proper placement of insurance coverage. Effective risk management can be the difference between a profitable year and substantial uninsured out-of-pocket costs. FB Risk Advisors understand the challenges that contractors face on the job, in Massachusetts, New England, and nationwide.

Our team of experts rolls up their sleeves to work with you and your team. We collaborate to develop unique risk reduction strategies and an insurance program tailored to your specific needs. With the right combination of products, service, and value all local to you, there really is no other choice.

Our Risk Reduction Approach


We work with your leadership to identify risk control opportunities in more than a dozen areas of your business. This process is the first step in allowing us to make you more attractive to the insurance marketplace.



The result of our intensive Risk Reduction Process is a Risk Reduction Plan tailored to your specific organizational needs. This collection of proactive strategies becomes the basis of our ongoing relationship.


A goal without a plan is just a wish. Our team works with you to develop an implementation plan. We outline solutions, identify key players in your organization and ours, and schedule the timing of service delivery.

As a client of FBinsure for many years, we are extremely happy with the level of expertise and knowledge that FBinsure brings to us each and every year on both the P&C lines as well as the Benefits lines. I would highly recommend them to any business looking for a professional organization to work with.”

Kerri Welsh

Ashmont Welding | Ironworks

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