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Engaged and dedicated people are foundational to creating a thriving organization primed for growth.  When employees feel invested in and their contributions are appreciated, it pays dividends in terms of team cohesion, job satisfaction, and employee engagement and longevity.  

Offering a substantial and attractive benefits package is imperative for an organization looking to attract top talent, but any business owner knows that healthcare costs are on a constant rise and compliance issues are only getting more complicated. FBinsure blends a high level of innovation with industry experience to provide creative solutions for our client’s employee benefits challenges.

With that understanding, creating an attractive and competitive employee benefits package is an absolute must. Even with the rising cost of plan premiums, creative solutions and alternative strategies can forge a path to a robust and enticing benefits package that fits your budget.  


With no one-size-fits-all solution your most important resource is a benefits advisor with a wide network of relationships and flexible tools, capable of tailoring a benefits package that meets your business’s unique needs.

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How We’re Innovating Employee Benefits

Benefits Package Analysis
Our Benefit Advisors will review your current plan design, assess premium appropriateness and confirm contract consistency based on industry norms and carrier service levels.

With the information compiled during the initial analysis, we develop a strategy to best meet your organizational needs and goals. After approaching and receiving quotes from the health insurance marketplace we perform a thorough evaluation of the prospective quotes before making our recommendation for the appropriate plans and carriers to meet the financial and coverage objectives of our client.

Third Party Creativity & Flexibility
Our meticulously chosen industry partners allow us the flexibility and creativity to customize every element of your employee benefits package from funding to coverages, to create a fingerprinted solution that meets your specific needs.
Communication & Education
As a strategic partner, we provide essential resources to your organization’s management, employees and human resources department. We assist in facilitating the enrollment process by working with your staff to determine the most effective communication strategies, develop communication pieces to support those strategies, and ensure your employees enjoy a comfort level with the process.
Employer & Employee Advocates
FBinsure acts on behalf of the client by providing the tools required to implement a successful benefit strategy and stay ahead of compliance changes. We also support your employees by acting as the liaison between the carriers and other service providers.

FB Benefits Advisors plays an integral part in our benefit offerings to employees.  Rich always takes the time to meet with our employees and help advise them based on their own personal situations.  Not only does he have our employee’s interest at the forefront of his mind, he is always looking for ways to improve upon our offerings and save our employees and the Company money.  Rich is always very responsive when we have a question or issue.  We couldn’t ask for a better partner.

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