HR & Compliance Support

Expand Your HR & Compliance Capabilities.

You would likely be unsurprised to learn that your Human Resources department (whether a formal department or someone wearing an extra ‘hat’) could probably use more hours in their day. Keeping up-to-date on newly mandated federal and state laws while implementing subsequent compliance strategies, alongside regularly contending with employee documentation and company policies is no small demand. We provide our clients access to a comprehensive library of tools and resources alongside timely law alerts and on-demand guidance from HR experts.

Compliance & HR Tools You’ll Have Access To:

Access to Live HR Experts

HR Training & Development

Handbooks & Job Descriptions Tools

Forms & Policies

Employer ACA Tracking & Reporting

Recruiting, Hiring, Leave & Termination Tool Kits

COBRA and Section 125 Plans

FMLA Resources & Guidelines

State and Federal Updates & Alerts

What Our Clients Have To Say

We have been doing business with FBinsure for more than 10 years.  The people who service my account are great.  They find ways to save money, make sure my coverages are correct, and provide high quality personal service.  They handle our business policy and all of our employee benefits.  My employees love the service they get during open enrolment.  I get calls from other agencies trying to earn my business, I politely tell them ‘no, because I trust the relationship I have with FBinsure’    

Brian Bernard

Owner, Total Care Accident Repair

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