Hope for the Holiday Season

by | Dec 10, 2021 | Beyond Insuring. Ensuring, Holidays, Social Responsibility

In the season of giving no there is no better way to celebrate than supporting struggling families in our Massachusetts community. For FBinsure the Holiday Hope Project run by Child and Family Services in New Bedford holds a special place in our hearts for Christmas giving. This program matches sponsors, like FB,  with a Child & Family Services client who may be burdened with financial worries, illnesses, mental and physical disabilities, limited education and resources, and personal tragedies, leaving them unable to provide a holiday for themselves or their families. Without these critical resources the holidays can be an especially hard time of year, instead of the joyous occasion most of us revel in.

Since 2016 FBinsure has been participating in the Holiday Hope Project by sponsoring one or two families each year using a month’s Jean’s Day donations from our employees. Each year the amount donated has grown, exceeding $1300 this year. After the donations are in, our resident holiday elves go shopping based on information given to us by C&FS, ensuring families get what they need and children receive gifts they are excited about. Our dedicated team uses their time to shop for gifts and picks an evening to get together after work and merrily wrap the whole haul.

Finally after the gifts are dropped off to C&FS, on pick-up days members of our team volunteer additional time to assist in distributing the hundreds of gifts to over 100 family in Southeastern Massachusetts. All who participate agree it is a special opportunity to give back and make a direct impact, highlighting the most important feature of this season, giving.

It’s a easy season to find ways to contribute to you community so keep any eye out and remember:

“Christmas will always be as long as we stand heart to heart and hand in hand.” –Dr. Seuss


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