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In the fast growing Massachusetts cannabis industry growers, owners, and entrepreneurs know expertise equals stability in the volatile cannabis insurance marketplace.  Our team of Risk Advisors, based in Massachusetts, have been at the forefront of protecting and supporting New England cannabis businesses from the start. We understand the specific and unique challenges Massachusetts cannabis proprietor are facing and have developed a suite of solutions to mitigate, transfer, or finance those risks properly. We have cultivated relationships with Cannabis insurers that position our clients for better access and programs. Whether a business veteran capitalizing on the abundant opportunities in the world of cannabis, or utilizing this emerging industry for a first commercial venture, our team of risk professionals will work with you through our risk reduction approach to control risk in your organization, laying the foundation for a profitable cannabis business.

The cannabis industry landscape is amongst the most dynamic in today’s business world. Owners need an agent they can trust.

Insurance relationships should not start and end with insurance placement and reactive service. You need a proactive approach to challenges with human resources, compliance, and safety. FBinsure is here to help. FB Risk Advisors utilize five methods of risk management in our unique process designed to address risk specific to your organization.  Our unique process results in a tailored Risk Reduction Plan with PROACTIVE strategies to ensure you accurately prevent, mitigate, transfer and assume risks in addition to traditional financing of risk.  We roll up our sleeves and work directly with you and your team to control risk in your organization.

Our Risk Reduction Process


We work with your leadership to identify risk control opportunities in more than a dozen areas of your business. This process is the first step in allowing us to make you more attractive to the insurance marketplace.



The result of our intensive Risk Reduction Process is a Risk Reduction Plan tailored to your specific organizational needs. This collection of proactive strategies becomes the basis of our ongoing relationship.


A goal without a plan is just a wish. Our team works with you to develop an implementation plan. We outline solutions, identify key players in your organization and ours, and schedule the timing of service delivery.

We love working with FBinsure because they thoroughly understand the risks in the cannabis space.  They understand the emerging risks in our world are different from more traditional industries.   Jared and Tom have been extremely accessible as we demand a lot of time from our agents in the fast-paced, evolving cannabis industry.  Their knowledge and hard work has made a positive impact on our organization.  The recent launch of their online portal is extremely helpful which allows us to view/manage all of our policies online.

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