FB Comp Advisors

Ensuring Expertise.

The financial burden workers’ compensation has on organizations leaves most business owners feeling they are at the mercy of their premiums. While injuries remain an eventuality, the right expertise and tools can allow you to gain control of your workers’ compensation costs by reducing their frequency and overall impact.

FB Comp Advisors is our premier program run by a team of experts, highly trained to understand the intricacies of workers’ compensation and how they impact your business’ profitability. Our process is to work with you, using proactive strategies, to tackle the three major keys to workers’ compensation management.

3 Areas of Focus

Our process goes beyond placing a policy that simply protects against the worst-case-scenario, but instead builds a workers’ compensation insurance program that mitigates your business’ risk and positively impacts profit. It works by targeting three critical areas of workers’ compensation risk.


• Experience Modification Analysis
• Carrier Performance Review
• Premium Audit Preparations


• Supervisor Training
• Hiring Practices
• Corporate Culture


• Injury Management
• Reserve Management
• Occupational Health Relationship

What FB Comp Advisors Has Saved Clients

Total Reserve Reduction

Total Estimated Premium Savings

Total Reduced Ex-Mod Points

Lindsay and Josie are always extremely helpful and available for questions when we need them. Beacon Hill has some interesting situations, that include contract employees and dealing with clients.  Lindsay and Josie are always helping us navigate the dynamic and offering advice on how we can handle difficult situations.  Our business operates in over 48 states so they are equipped to handle and advise on each state. They do a great job supporting Beacon Hill

Michaela Beucler

HR Coordinator, Beacon Hill Staffing Group