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In local New England communities and throughout our country, the manufacturing industry has a rich history and continues to be a key driver in many of our local economies. When you face unique risks like product recall or equipment breakdown, keeping your organization moving forward can seem like a daunting task. At FBinsure, we are serious about supporting the success of your business with innovative ideas.

Customized risk advisory strategies and a well placed insurance program will allow you to run your business with the confidence necessary for growth and profitability.

Our Risk Advisors’ experience working with manufacturers translates to risk & insurance solutions tailored to your company’s growth goals.   With the right combination of products, service, and value, all local to you, there really is no other choice.

Our Risk Reduction Approach


Our first step is a deep dive conversation into your day-to-day operations. We find which areas you are succeeding in and where you need extra help, resulting in a Total Cost of Risk assessment.



After arriving at a Total Cost of Risk your Risk Advisor will craft a Risk Reduction Plan. The plan hones in on the areas we have collectively decided need improvement with proactive strategies.


After the plan has been set in place, implementation is a matter of following the calendar developed in the RR Plan, outlining the solutions, key players, and overall schedule.

Critical Coverage for Your Industry

Professional Liability
Professional Liability coverage is designed to protect professionals such as accountants, attorneys, real estate brokers, consultants, etc. from liability incurred as a result of errors and/or omissions in performing their professional services. Although there are a few exceptions such as physicians, architects, and engineers, most professional liability policies only cover economic or financial losses suffered by third parties, as opposed to bodily injury and property damage claims.
Equipment Breakdown
Equipment Breakdown (or Boiler & Machinery insurance), covers loss due to mechanical or electrical breakdown of nearly any type of equipment, including, and not limited to, photocopiers and/or computers. Equipment Breakdown coverage applies to the cost to repair or replace the damaged equipment and any other property damaged by the breakdown. Also, resulting business income and extra expense losses are often covered as well. Today’s Equipment Breakdown policies typically provide slightly broader coverage than the traditional Boiler & Machinery policies did in the past.
Workers' Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is a form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of their employment. While plans differ among states, provisions can be made for weekly payments in place of wages (functioning in this case as a form of disability insurance), compensation for economic loss (past and future), reimbursement or payment of medical and like expenses (functioning in this case as a form of health insurance), and benefits payable to the dependents of workers killed during employment (functioning in this case as a form of life insurance).

Commercial General Liability

The baseline for commercial insurance programs, a General Liability policy is issued to business organizations to protect them against liability claims for bodily injury and property damage arising out of premises, operations, products, and completed operations; and also offers protection for advertising and personal injury liability that businesses are exposed to in the normal course of their daily operations.

Pollution Liability

Pollution Liability insurance covers costs related to various types of environmental pollution. This can include the costs of brownfield restoration and cleanup, liability for injuries and deaths caused by pollution. Pollution insurance usually takes the form of first-party coverage for contamination of insured property either by external or on-site sources. Coverage is also afforded for liability to third parties arising from contamination of air, water, or land due to the sudden and accidental release of hazardous materials from the insured site.

We really appreciate FBinsure’s efforts to visit us at our facility and go through our entire insurance needs piece by piece to best tailor our policies to our specific business needs. The team at FBinsure is excellent at explaining how the insurance policies actually work, in layman’s terms, so we understand what the policies we are paying for are actually covering for us. We’ve found that the FBinsure team is very attentive and any time we’ve had any questions, we can rest assured that we will get them answered in a timely manner.

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