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Educational Seminars Focused On Business Risk

We believe an important part of an insurance agent’s job is educating their client on risks, industry changes, regulations, and best practices. The traditional agents has gotten away from these principles, but FB Risk Advisors offer several CEO Seminars a year addressing changing risk concerns or sweeping regulatory changes.

Upcoming Webinar…

HR and compliance is complicated—but it doesn’t have to be. Tackle complex challenges with Mineral.

On Wednesday, June 1st at 2:00 PM our business clients are invited to join an introductory webinar on Mineral, a new HR and compliance platform. Our partners will walk through all the tools and resources clients will have access to. Mineral takes the guesswork out of HR and compliance so you can manage workplace challenges with confidence. From expert guidance and resources to proactive alerts, it’s your one-stop ticket to a healthier organization.

The webinar will include information on:

  • How to consult your Live Team of HR Experts
  • How to easily create your Employee Handbook that’s never out-of-date
  • How to assign training to your employees from a catalog of hundreds of interactive courses
  • How to navigate a multitude of resources in our database
  • Plus, much more!

If you are NOT able to attend any of these live sessions, please still register so you receive the recording directly in your email inbox! If you have not already received access please request prior to the webinar.

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