You’re Installing WHAT This Fall?!

by | Nov 18, 2016 | FBinsure, Homeowners Insurance

Are you thinking of installing a pool? There are some really great reasons that Fall and winter can be one of the best times to do so.  There are many reasons you might consider having your pool installed this time of year.

  1. COST: Fall / Winter is a much more cost effective time for a pool installation. Pool companies, like many construction organizations, slow down in the colder months.  When business is slow, companies are generally more willing to cut you a break on their services and products.
  2. LANDSCAPING: When you install a pool, there is inevitably disruption to your lawn and landscaping.  By installing a pool in the “off season” you are giving your lawn and your yard ample time to recover from the disruption and settle down for the spring and the beginning of the entertaining season.   Why would you not want to give yourself 4-6 months to get things back to normal versus the 1-2 months in the Spring prior to warmer swimming weather.
  3. CONVENIENCE: Why waste part of the summer waiting for your pool to be installed when you can be one step ahead of your neighbors and have the pool swim-ready for the first hot day of the summer season.

If you have now decided to go ahead and get the pool of your dreams you must now choose a company and sign a contract with the installer. Most importantly, you need to make a call to your insurance agent.  This is a key step because insurance companies have different rules when it comes to swimming pools.  Some won’t insure the risks that come with a pool, especially if there is a diving board or a slide.  Almost all companies require a fence with a minimum height of 4’ around your pool.  It’s something you need to consider prior to the installation of your dream pool and the negotiated price.  You also have to think about whether or not you have the space and ability to erect a fence before you install a swimming pool.

When you own a pool, there’s always the unfortunate possibility of an injury to one of your swimming guests.  If someone is injured while swimming in your pool the personal liability coverage on your homeowner’s insurance policy will pay for it, but you should review your present coverage with your agent to ensure your coverage is sufficient.  Another consideration beyond your homeowner’s policy is an umbrella policy.  The umbrella policy will provide extra coverage in the event of an injury where your homeowners limits are exhausted, the extra protection from an umbrella policy will give you peace of mind if you need to file a pool-related claim.

A backyard pool can provide you with many hours of summertime fun.  Before you “jump in feet first”, have a conversation with your insurance agent to be sure you won’t be “under water”.   If you have questions about your current coverage or think you may need additional coverage, call any of the FBinsure offices to speak to a representative.


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