Why Farrell Backlund?

by | Mar 17, 2011 | Farrell Backlund

With ads from various insurance companies dominating the airwaves, each one claiming to be able to save you hundreds of dollars in 15 minutes or less, it is hard to look past the glitz and glamour and see what you are actually getting for your money. What you are getting is often times a prepackaged insurance policy that does not consider your personal situation and the coverages you need to properly protect yourself. Insurance is often seen as a necessary evil and people are trained to want to spend as little time as possible on insurance, and they want to spend even less money.

Here at Farrell Backlund, what sets us apart from the lizards, cavemen and the rest is our approach to insurance. We view ourselves as financial protectors. An insurance policy is designed to prevent you from losing your largest assets. Whether it is a fire that burns your home to the ground or a lawsuit against you for injuries to another, insurance is there to assist you in dealing with these catastrophic issues. As your agent, Farrell Backlund will not give you a quote in 15 minutes. We feel that selling a “one size fits all” insurance policy is a disservice to those who trust us with their insurance protection. A client who has two homes, four cars and a boat needs different insurance policies and coverage limits than a young adult who has one car and rents an apartment. Farrell Backlund recognizes these differences and strives to tailor each insurance policy we write to the individual we are writing it for. To us, you are not a policy number but a real person with real needs.

At Farrell Backlund there is no automated phone system. Each call is answered by a live receptionist who will direct you to your own personal customer service representative. We do not use call centers where you speak to a different representative every time you call. We thrive on our ability to build personal relationships with our clients which helps us better understand their needs. Our staff is well versed in all lines of insurance and they are constantly taking classes to brush up on their skills or to understand new changes in the insurance industry that will affect our clients and their families. Rest assured that no matter who assists you, Farrell Backlund employees are experienced professionals with the tools necessary to discuss your insurance and make recommendations that will benefit you and your family.

Our commitment does not end with a declarations page, it ends with you. Farrell Backlund truly goes above and beyond for its clients. Call us today and see the difference for yourself.


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