Being Underinsured Can Be Like Being Caught by Lucille From the Walking Dead

by | Oct 24, 2016 | Agent Selection

Regardless of whether or not you are a @WalkingDead_AMC (TWD) fan, at the water cooler this morning you will undoubtedly hear something about what is being eulogized as the most shocking, graphic episode ever.  Even with the cliffhanger set up from last season, many viewers (and certainly our favorite cast of characters) found themselves caught off guard by the outcome and were left reeling by the new reality on the show.  The show consistently delivers strife for its characters and gore for its audience, so even at its most intense many would ask “Well what were you expecting?” These emotions are not at all unfamiliar for anyone who has ever suffered a property loss and felt it compounded by insufficient insurance coverage. A shock you at least anticipated in some capacity (otherwise why have insurance at all) that still comes as a surprise and leaves you feeling, for lack of a better term, beaten.

Those of us, who watch TWD faithfully, expect to be shocked. The same can be said about insurance buyers at some point, while owning your home, car or business you know something may go wrong. You pay your premium, coast along knowing you that you are covered….. until you aren’t.  When the unexpected happens, the figurative Negan approaching with Lucille (his affectionate name for his baseball bat), you take the walloping knowing it will end and your insurance coverage can get you back on track.  But what if you have substandard coverage? What if instead of one walloping you take two because your point and click auto insurance coverage missed something or your business insurance agent neglected to ask all the right questions?

At FBinsure, we pride ourselves on taking the time to ensure you have the coverage you need in any moment you might need it.  We help you make smart choices and guide you toward decisions that will help you get whole again; and that if that takes more than 15 minutes that’s OK with us.  While the outcome of the survivors in The Walking Dead is out of our hands, your insurance coverages are not.  We want to help you avoid at least the heartache in your real live.

Avoid unnecessary shock and misery that comes with being underinsured.  Call our experts at FBinsure and leave the gruesome surprises to Sunday nights with Negan, as the new bad guy we will all love to hate.


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