Tips to Prevent Roof Collapses

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Many of us here in New England are sick of snow.  Spring cannot get here soon enough.  However, until the birds begin to sing and grass makes its comeback, there is plenty of work to be done.  We have all become well acquainted with roof collapse stories on the news and their tragic details.  Taking steps to prevent a roof collapse goes beyond a roof rake and a ladder.

According to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, 10-12” of fresh snow is equal to the weight of 1” of ice.   Depending on the age of your building that may not be safe.  Buildings at a higher risk for collapse include:

  • Flat roofs with <30 degree slope
  • Heavily insulated roofs
  • Roofs with previous damage
  • Roofs with shady areas hidden from the sun

Tips to help prevent roof collapses:

  • Regular roof, drain & gutter inspections
  • Removing snow from the roof as it accumulates
  • Using the right equipment

Pay attention to the warning signs of structural damage:

  • Visual signs including sagging ceilings and cracked beams
  • Auditory signs such as creaking or popping
  • Tactile signs like cold drafts or spongy / bouncy floors.

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If you think your roof is structurally compromised, call in a professional.   NEVER attempt to diagnose or fix the problem on your own.  To find out more on available dwelling coverages for your building contact FBinsure or stop by one of our eight convenient locations


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