power of squadI just spent the last few days with some of the most inspirational and innovative insurance Agency owners I know.  This is a group of colleagues who own agencies across the country.  We all met years ago at an industry conference geared towards bettering our agencies.  Our relationships started with grabbing a beer after a long day of education.  They eventually evolved into having dinner together, sharing challenges and stories, and ultimately becoming close friends.  Today, we all talk regularly.  We make sure we get together if we’re ever in each other’s neck of the woods.  We purposefully get together twice a year with a structured approach to collaboration, inspiration, and overcoming our business challenges.

I would run through a wall for any of these guys.  I cannot quantify the impact they have made on me or my Agency.  I get so much energy from spending time with this group.  They make me want to be a more effective leader and a better person in general.  Why am I sharing all of this with you?  Because everyone should have a group of peers they can share with, they can challenge and be challenged by, and they can be accountable to.  It will help you run your company, be a better leader, overcome the seemingly impossible, and share in the highs and lows of your day to day.

Thank you to The Squad.  You know who you are and you make me a better person.  If you don’t have a “Squad” I highly recommend you create one.  It can be people in your organization, out of your organization, even in other industries.  The collective IQ of a group of people is a powerful catalyst for growth and development.  Go harness that power if you are not already, and prepare for takeoff!


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