Insurance Team Options in Massachusetts

There are 2 ways an individual can purchase their insurance. They can go to a direct writer or reach out to an independent insurance agent. A direct writer sells policies for only one insurance company, opposed to independent agents who work with a variety of insurance companies. Examples of direct writers include GEICO, Progressive, State Farm and Allstate. These carriers do a great job marketing themselves, but their DIY-model can often leave their client hanging. While their ads may be entertaining, and who doesn’t get a chuckle from Flo or a talking lizard, how do these companies perform when their clients need them? What sets them apart from each other? Is one company better than any other? Will the coverage and service meet your needs?

A direct writer issues a policy to only one company. There is no means of competition, you have only one company to choose from. If the rates increase from one year to the next, the direct writer has no options (or reason) to move you to a more competitive carrier. People buy insurance because if they have a claim, they want to be made whole. Direct writers work for the insurance company and balance those interests against the client’s when it comes to settling a claim.

Massachusetts Independent Insurance Agent Advantage

An independent agent doesn’t work for any single insurance company. They represent the client and work with a multitude of insurance carriers. With more choices available, an insurance agent is more likely to find the perfect fit for your specific needs, even if that means with multiple companies. If you experience problems with one company, your independent can easily go to one of the many other companies they represent.

Most people can only truly appreciate the value of their insurance when they need to use it, when they have had a claim. Unlike a direct writer your independent agent works on your behalf at the time of a claim to ensure things are resolved in a timely positive fashion. 

There are many benefits of working with an independent agent over a direct writer. You can develop a trusted relationship with your independent agent, who can offer advisement based on their knowledge of your unique circumstances. Independent agencies offer one stop shopping for all of your insurance needs. They can handle your personal, business, life insurance and employee benefits. They will work with you to understand and craft an insurance program that meets your needs. Insurance is a complicated subject and doing-it-yourself often results in a disservice to you.  Utilize the expertise of an independent agent, whose job it is to remain current and knowledgeable on the insurance world thereby helping you to make the most informed choices for your protection.


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