The Great Insurance Illusion

by | May 28, 2015 | Uncategorized

The Great Insurance Illusion BlobI wonder what people think about insurance in general.  I used to think insurance was just another monthly obligation.  Something, like all other bills, that merely functioned like a vice grip on my wallet.    Insurance salespeople were the worst in my mind.  They were an aggravation similar to telemarketers that made my blood boil and always seemed to call after dinner on a Sunday night.  I would hang up on them when they called and I vowed never to work in the insurance industry.  Before I joined the proverbial circus, I felt I would rather tame a lion than sell insurance.  I believed it to be a horribly boring career filled with people that were once normal but were turned to the dark side to become briefcase- toting, paper-pushing geeks who wear cheap suits and imitation leather shoes.  I had fought being a geek my whole life and thinking about making a conscious choice to become one made me want to call a therapist.  There was no way I would ever consider this.

What do I think now?  Now that I have worked for the very group that I had vowed never to associate with, I have come to have a better understanding of how important insurance is.  I have seen firsthand what insurance does for those who have experienced what life can sometimes serve up.  I have heard the sad stories of those who have come to us under-insured because they “cut corners” in 15 minutes with the animals, moonlighters and others who wreak havoc in the industry.  It isn’t even these types of situations that have made me a believer.  I have gotten to know each person that makes our growing company great and the principles on which they have built it.

They do not, in fact, wear cheap leisure suits or ugly imitation leather shoes.  There are suits for sure, but not the kind that looks like they came from a 1970’s garage sale.  Ties are worn as are dress shoes, socks and a smile that says I’m here to help you.  Not so intimidating and definitely lacking the fight or flight response I had always pictured.  Besides great people who really know their stuff, what makes this company great is how they do what they do.  They don’t sell insurance; they sell you a better understanding of what your needs actually are. This leads to you making better and more informed choices about insurance.  They sell peace of mind that you can’t buy anywhere and they care as much about your well being the day you first meet as they do when it really matters.  They help you understand why the policy coverage you may not care about now is so important to have.  They aren’t reformed car salesmen selling you anything they can to meet a quota.  Here you don’t get what you ask for unless it’s the right thing.  Here you don’t take a number like you do at the deli counter, and you’re always greeted by an actual person.

Here you are a member of the family from the day you walk through the door whether you are an employee or a client.  I came to this table clutching a concept, not a resume. This was back before social media was the powerful communication tool it is today.  Because this company is filled with open minds and strategic goals I was welcomed aboard instead of walked to the door and thanked for my time.  Insurance isn’t glamorous and everyone knows it.  You can’t slap a headband and red lipstick on it and change what it is.  The answer to taking something that invokes feelings associated with death or taxes and turning it into a thoughtful concept comes from an open-minded perspective and people that work here that are so willing to make it all happen.  An organization full of smiling faces offering me answers to questions and loads of resources that would help me share a message not a product.   At FBinsure there are no check collectors, short roads or used car salesmen.  There are just the right roads, great people and a team that is willing to go the extra mile because it’s the right thing to do



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