At FBinsure we are sure you’ve heard us say: “the traditional insurance buying process is broken!”

It’s our Agency’s fundamental belief that this process is harmful to businesses and costs them money! But do you know why we believe that? Well, the above video does a good job of explaining but these are the three main reasons:

  1. Organizations often bring in more than one agent hoping competition will help them get the best results but…This harms innovative agents by allowing traditional, less thorough agents to misrepresent your business in the marketplace.
  2. To be attractive to the insurance marketplace, an underwriter needs to understand your business and what you are doing to minimize risk. So what was your last submission? A stack of applications? Even worse, copied policies from past years?!
  3. Most agents treat your risk as a problem to be solved, or financed, by purchasing a policy. Our method employs five different strategies to control the risk in all areas of your organization.

These traditional methods hurt your business by making you appear as a greater risk to the insurance marketplace.

Our FB Risk Advisors Risk Reduction Approach turns the buying process on its head. It is our in-depth analysis of your organization’s risk that enables us to make effective recommendations while providing useful tools and support. We take the time to get to know you and your organization. The result is an on-going partnership, which helps you gain control over your total cost of risk and makes you look more attractive to the insurance marketplace.

One of our Risk Advisors would love the opportunity to show you what our approach can do for your organization. For more information or to have an in depth discussion about your risk and how we can help, reach out to us here.


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