The Distinguishing 5

by | Dec 22, 2016 | Agent Selection, Farrell Backlund, FBinsure, Insurance

The battle lines have been officially drawn.  The war has ensued between direct insurance writers and Insurance Agents and the proverbial Paul Revere has long taken his proverbial ride announcing “the direct writers are coming!”  While the direct writers primarily focus on price, the independent insurance agents are able to bring far more to the table.  Working for one of the best Independent Agents in Southeastern Massachusetts, here are what I consider to be “The Distinguishing 5” benefits of working with an Independent Agent.

  1. Claims Advocacy – The single reason you buy insurance is that you are covering yourself for the day you will have a claim. When that day comes, the true value of an Independent insurance agent is proven.  We walk you through the process from start to finish.  We as agents work for you.  We devote ourselves and the work we do to making sure you are awarded the fairest amount of money on a claim.  Direct writers work for the company, not the insured and their allegiance is with the insurance company.  The mentality here is the less they can pay out on a claim the better it is for the company not the client.
  1. Competitive Advantage – It is a misguided and false realization that direct writers are cheaper because they do not have to pay the “middle man,” meaning the agent. As an Independent Agent we work with multiple insurance companies.  All of these companies are competing for your business.  When you go through an Independent agent you end up paying less because direct carriers are looking for one specific client that fits their profit model.  If you don’t fit into their profit model, prepare to put and extra zero on that check you are writing!  Independent Insurance Agents have quite a few markets to choose from, all of which are searching for different and unique types of clients.  Our ability to market your business with several different companies is one of your greatest advantages.
  1. Knowledge – Independent Insurance Agents have specific knowledge about the state you live in because we live here too. When reaching out to a direct writer, how often do you get someone from another state or country?  How can someone from Arizona know what an Ice Dam claim is not to mention how to handle it?  I don’t think Ice Dams have been too problematic for folks in states like Arizona.  In Massachusetts however, it is quite the opposite.  Take last winter for example.  In the winter of 2015 Ice Dams were one of the biggest problems causing the largest payouts by insurance companies in recent history.  Independent Agents have the knowledge to guide you through the landscape of coverage possibilities in your own backyard with the most comprehensive policy options possible.
  1. Face-to-Face service – How frustrating is it to call a company only to interact with an automated attendant for 20 minutes just to be disconnected unnecessarily in the end? As an Independent Agent, we work with clients on a personal level. You are not a policy number or a place in the call cue.  To us you are Mr. and Mrs. Duarte, or Paul, John or Susan.  We know you as people and handle your needs on a personal and unique level.  We take what we do seriously and always do what we feel is right and in your best interest.
  1. Commitment to the CommunityInsurance agents are engrained within the community because this is our community too. We live and work here just like you and like you, we care about the place we live and work.  Arbella, one of the insurance companies FBinsure works closely with to bring you the best coverage, has a great slogan.  That slogan supports exactly how we feel about what we do every day as an independent agent.  That slogan is: “Here for Good”.  That is who we are, what we do and how we work.  We are here for you, here for good- today, tomorrow and always.


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