Taking it with you to 2016

by | Dec 22, 2015 | FBinsure, Food for Thought, Holidays

Pay it forwardThe holidays are a fantastic time of year.  Some may argue, backed by many heartfelt songs, that it is the most wonderful time of the year.  Presents and gatherings, forgiveness and understanding all go hand in hand.  It’s a magical time that brings families and friends together; a time where fallouts fade into the past and forgiveness steps up to the plate.  It is a season of giving and selflessness that extends past town lines and country borders.  It is a few magical weeks where the world seems like a nicer place even in the shadow of morning and evening news stories filled with unimaginable sadness and tragedy.  It is a time when those in need benefit from the kindness of complete strangers.  A time when the sick receive love and attention from those they look up to and admire.  It’s a time when drivers seem more patient and considerate even in the hustle of the last minute shopping.  A time of anonymous giving and extra tithing at church.  A time when giving gifts is less about the dollar amount and more about the joy it brings to the recipient. It is a throwback to the days of opening doors and giving up seats for someone who needs it.  For smiling at strangers and remembering how much we all have to be thankful for as others suffer tragedies and seemingly unfair lots in life in many parts of the world.

As the 2015 holiday season winds down and we begin to turn our attention to resolutions for the New Year, let us retain and weave some of that holiday generosity and happiness into the New Year.  Let us remember that resolutions are not just about losing weight, making more money or owning our dream home.  They should also be about how great our giving can be, how often we can forgive wrongs done to us and just how much we can actively contribute to the well being of others.

2016 is an unwritten story, a clean slate for us to write upon and put into action.  Let us make this coming year the best ever!


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