Super Bowl party safety tips

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The Super Bowl is fast approaching with extreme levels of excitement and anticipation. Many of us are planning parties and inviting family and friends into our homes to enjoy the big event. According to, statistics show that the average American household (and probably more here in Massachusetts) invites up to 17 people into their homes to watch the game, making it one of the biggest gatherings and most-watched events of the year.  The following are a few tips to help make sure your Super Bowl party remains a safe and claim-free event.

Many Super Bowl party hosts enjoy giving their guests the best experience possible, and this may include putting out extra tables and chairs and in extreme cases, even renting extra big screen TV’s.  To prevent accidental damage to the items in your house, be sure that your TV is safely and securely mounted or positioned on the entertainment center, wall or location of your choice. Don’t leave fragile items where they can be easily knocked over, crashed into and damaged. Be aware that if your friend’s enthusiastic celebration of a touch-down knocks your 60 inch flat screen TV off its stand, accidental breakage is typically excluded from your homeowner’s policy.

If you are bringing in extra electronics for your party, remember general safety guidelines when it comes to electrical wiring. Never over-load a socket, use safety tested power strips and cord and never hide an extension cord away by tucking it under your carpet or throw rug. Wiring that is worn down can spark and ignite quickly causing a fire. I personally have seen a home burnt to the ground from this very situation.  It would be much easier to get a longer (and undamaged) extension cord and run it safely away from your busiest areas. Do not leave wires taped down in the middle of the floor, as the most careful friend may trip and fall causing you to spend your half time in the ER getting stitches (and with a nice medical liability claim as well). This safety tip can also be applied for any items in your house that can cause potentially dangerous situations for your guests, especially children who are drawn to things they can touch, throw or climb. Give your party area a once over before your guests arrive and see if there is anything you think might cause you unnecessary headaches during game time.  

Many people have their party’s catered, but if you or someone you know decides you want to score a touch-down by frying up their famous kickin’ buffalo wings using your kitchen, please use caution and common sense. Remember that leaving a frying pan un-attended for any period of time can lead to grease fires and serious burns and injuries. Keep your kitchen area clear and request that your guests give you space while you prepare their munchies.   Another common sense tip, always grill outdoors. Grilling inside, in a garage or partially enclosed rooms is extremely dangerous and should never be attempted.

And last but not the least of Super Bowl party refreshments, Alcohol. Many of your guests will come into your home expecting or even bringing their own beer, wine or spirit of choice. Please remind your guests that while they enjoy their experience and have a good time, they need to drink responsibly. As the homeowner/renter, you are ultimately responsible and liable for the safety of your guests if they leave your home intoxicated. If one of your guests were injured, or injured someone else after drinking alcohol on your premises, you can be personally sued as a liable party. While the majority of homeowner’s insurance liability coverage may protect you in the event of a law suit, simply avoiding the risk and keeping everyone safe by letting them sober up after the game, calling a cab or having a designated driver is worth far more than any Super Bowl title.

If you would like more information in regards to enjoying your Super Bowl party safely, click here: We hope you have a fun and safe Super Bowl Party. Go Pats!


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