Spotlight: Eye of the Tiger – Carly Longo

by | Jan 25, 2019 | Beyond Insuring. Ensuring, Employee Commitment, FB Team, Spotlight on Excellence

This month’s Spotlight we are featuring Carly Longo and welcoming her to our sales team. Carly got into the insurance world by happenstance. While attending Bristol Community College in 2003, Carly was working as a server at a family owned restaurant in Attleboro. Like many college students, she was still figuring out in what direction she wanted to go in life. As fate would have it, a friend of her family offered Carly a part-time job as a customer service representative at an insurance agency in Foxboro.  After her 90 day trial, Carly was asked to work full-time and the rest is history.

It was at this small agency that Carly learned the ins and outs of auto and home insurance. Here, she really honed her skills.  After 11 years working at this agency, Carly decided it was time for a change and became an employee of FBinsure.

In November of 2017, after being with FBinsure for 2 years, Carly realized she was ready for another career change and decided she’d like to go into sales. In June 2018, fate found a way again and a door opened for Carly. She had the opportunity to fill in for another sales executive and get her feet wet in the sales role. Later that year, she procured her own spot and became an official member of our Personal Lines sales team.

Chewbacca, A.K.A. Bacca, or Bubs

Maybe one of the reasons fate opens up for Carly is because she takes life by the horns. She is all about living life to fullest and enjoying every moment. She is happiest when she’s at the beach, celebrating with family or friends, playing with her dog (He goes by Chewbacca, Bacca, or Bubs) helping someone in need, giving back to the community, eating a really good meal, or going on vacation. She’s also an avid fitness enthusiast working out 6 days during the week.

From Carly’s Aruba trip

Carly’s best vacation ever was her trip to Aruba in 2015 with three close friends. It was her first island vacation and one of the best experiences of her life. Being on the island was very serene and almost like being transported to another world. It had calming, soothing, and relaxing vibes with beautiful and breathtaking views. Everything about the experience was amazing- the weather, the water, and the people- Aruba truly deserves its nickname of ‘One Happy Island.’

From Carly’s Aruba trip

While there, Carly and her friends had many remarkable memories like taking a boat out and tubing on the ocean. It was such an awesome experience that Carly and her pals went back to grab their friend that had stayed behind so she could at least see the beautiful view from the water. Carly and her squad also had a candlelight dinner on the beach where even the palm trees and menu were lit up making for a unique experience.

Next on her bucket list is a trip to Italy to visit Venice and Florence. She is drawn to Italy partially because of her 100% heritage but also being able to sip wine and be on a gondola would be such an incredible experience for her. She would also love to taste authentic Italian food and wine (I mean, don’t we all?) and take in all the sights.

It’s no surprise that with Carly’s “go get ‘em, tiger” personality that her spirit animal is, well, a tiger. She’s loved tigers ever since she was a little girl.  She’s fascinated by the way they move, how big they are, and how no two tigers have the same stripes.  The tiger is the Chinese symbol for the god of wealth.  The tiger also acts as a powerful reminder of overcoming obstacles and fears by reclaiming your place of power.

Part of Carly’s living life to the fullest stems from finding inspiration in everyday experiences. It can be anything from a motivational story she reads online, to a positive affirmation, to listening to a podcast, to watching a YouTube video. Carly says that you want to surround yourself with positive people. Her friends would describe her as a good listener, genuine, loyal, adventurous, honest, forgiving, and pretty funny.


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