Spotlight: All That Jazz with Adam Hofmann

by | Mar 22, 2019 | Employee Commitment, Spotlight on Excellence

Reid Adam Hofmann Insurance Agency For our next Spotlight, we’d like to welcome Adam Hofmann and the Reid-Hofmann Agency to our team. Adam started in insurance as a claims representative for Arbella Insurance. Working for a carrier helped him understand the “crunch time” of the insurance life cycle with the industry being surprisingly fast-paced due to a lot of it’s time-sensitive nature. This is especially true in claims where the entire process is brought to bear and Adam also saw then the importance of a strong client focused approach. He worked there for a year before moving on to his family’s agency, Reid-Hofmann Insurance.

After spending several years learning about the insurance industry, he went on to purchase the agency from his parents. It was here, on the side of running the agency, which gave Adam the insight into the complexities of the industry, a stronger sense of the value of customer service, and the need for some changes in the industry. Some of the many updates that Adam brought to the agency were leveraging technology to streamline many processes for clients and his agents alike, bringing “lightness” to insurance language to make insurance more relatable, and creating spaces for fun in the industry to help humanize insurance.  These aspects are important to Adam because he has found they vastly improve the insurance experience for clients and experience is a driving force for him.

Adam’s drive is evident in his life outside of insurance too. He has a very ‘up for anything’ attitude that encompasses his love to travel anywhere– at any time. He is motivated to travel by his deep appreciation for the feeling of learning a new place, experiencing new things, and feeling new feelings.

Swiss AlpsHis top vacation was a trip where he accompanied my wife, Janell, on her work trip to Switzerland and they stay in a hotel at the base of the Alps. Adam had a lot of free time during the day, since his wife was working, and spent most of the day hiking the Alps. But, Adam didn’t just walk some trails, he set out to fully immerse himself in the culture. He describes watching the paragliders as he sat in the grass on the Alps, discovering restaurants on the side of the mountain, listening to discussions in French, all as he hiked higher and higher as being a great distraction from the rest of the outside world.

While Adam and his wife were on their way to Zermatt, Adam did a 200+ meter rope jump off of an old maintenance bridge between two mountains that he said was both exhilarating and freeing. For him, it was not necessarily about the adrenaline rush as much as the mental aspect of pushing past his comfort zone. He never hesitates to push his limits also having participated in Tough Mudder and Spartan obstacle course races.

Adam’s drive comes from starting his family which he credits for getting him to where he is today. He has 5 children and his expanding family gave him the dedication to cultivate himself personally and professionally. That, and he says, “The everyday craziness of a 7 person household feels like a life-changing experience every day, afternoon, and evening.” Adam finds himself to be happiest when he is with his whole family, even if they’re just chilling out together, relaxing and laughing.

College of Music

Despite running an agency and being an active part of a large family, Adam still finds time for his “first love and greatest passion” of music. His music passion is a multi-faceted intellectual pursuit that he is constantly developing. He has his hand in all aspects of music from writing to producing to performing whether on the piano or singing. Of course, Adam also listens to a wide breadth of music with top contenders being The Grateful Dead, The National, Arctic Monkeys, and Mehldau. He also has a degree in music production of Berklee College of Music. There are multiple reasons that Adam finds music compelling. Not only is it intellectually challenging but it is a fantastic medium for expression and story-telling.

Needless to say, Adam really hit the right note with our agency with his enthusiasm and drive, we are looking forward to having him as part of our team.


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