September’s Jeans Day will be the “New England Walk4Hearing” hosted by our Client Service Manager Colleen Rosa. Her niece, Tia, was diagnosed at birth with moderate bilateral sensorineural hearing loss which is caused by damage to the inner ear or problems with the nerves from the ear to the brain (ASHA, 2019). This requires her to use of hearing aids, American Sign Language (ASL) and lip reading. Tia, who is now 10 years old, is mainstreamed in the public school system with the support from The Program for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children through READS Collaborative. The money raised with go directly to sponsor this READS collaborative program. You can read more about this wonderful program here

We have attached the link for Tia’s private “Team Tia Shay” page if you would like to read more about the walk and Tia’s accomplishments with her hearing loss. Her disability has never held her back from doing anything!

The Walk4Hearing is always a fun day out and we invite you to please join us at the walk. Refreshments will be provided and there will be activities for the kids. Check out these photos from previous years

The Walk4Hearing will be on Sunday, October 27th at 10:30am at 1234 Soldiers Field Road in Brighton, MA. For more information on the Walk4Hearing click on the link below.

Be on the look out for our team wearing jeans on Friday, September 27th.

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