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Transition Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will Joe, Dave & Tom still be involved in the agency? Yes all three agency principals, and the majority of their teams, will continue on with FBinsure throughout and after the transition is complete.


  1. Will this change affect my everyday insurance needs? No major changes will affect your everyday insurance needs.  You can continue conducting business as usual with your Agency!


  1. Will my policy numbers change? Your policy numbers will not change as a result of this transition.


  1. To whom should my checks be made payable? Checks will continue to be made payable to your insurance company; however, any checks you would have made payable to Gilmartin, Hanshack or Maggiacomo Insurance Agency should now be made payable to FBinsure.


  1. Will Rhode Island Insurance Group clients be able to use the additional FBinsure locations? At the current time, systems are not integrated for us to seamlessly serve our clients from each other’s locations.  Our plan is to have all systems fully integrated by the later half of 2024.  During this transition time we advise you continue to utilize the locations you are familiar will or reach out by phone. Our team will advise and help to our fullest capacity if you do stop by an FBinsure location.


  1. What happens next? Think of it as “business as usual.”  We will all continue to provide you with excellent customer service.  What will change will be the addition of 40 new property & casualty  insurance companies, a variety of new technology improvements, more locations for your convenience, and over 100 insurance professionals dedicated to meeting your needs.


  1. What if I have questions?
    • Maggiacomo Insurance Agency clients should call (401) 353-0300
    • Hanuschak Insurance Agency clients should call (401) 658-4444
    • Gilmartin Insurance Agency clients should call (401) 781-2100


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