Revisiting The 7 Year Itch

by | Jun 8, 2017 | Farrell Backlund, FBinsure, Health, Health Insurance, Healthcare

This week we are pleased to share a blog written by a longtime friend of the agency, Seth Denson of GDP Advisors out of McKinney, TX.  Tom Rogers, FBinsure‘s SVP of Sales, took a few moments to share his thoughts about our guest blogger and his partner John Powter, both of whom have been business resources and friends to Tom for some time.

Tom Rogers: “I found in my career that the more I surround myself with really talented people, the better off I will be.  We have tried to live by that here at FBinsure.  We will all benefit from this thought process as we have one of the most talented people I know in the Health Insurance world as a guest blogger this week.  Please allow me to introduce Seth Denson of GDP Advisors out of McKinney, TX.  Seth and his partner John Powter are doing some pretty innovative things down in Texas and we at FBinsure are proud to have the opportunity to work together with them.  Seth recently wrote one of the most well thought out pieces I have seen juxtaposing solving healthcare with solving health insurance.  It’s worth the read for some perspective on where we are today with these challenges.  Thank you Seth for your contributions and your thought leadership.”

Reposted in part with permission from the GDP Advisors LLC May 18, 2017 blog

The Seven Year Itch: Our Latest Attempt To Solve Healthcare & Why It Won’t Work

Recently while on a return flight home from a business meeting in California, I had the pleasure of sitting next to Dr. Henry “Hank” Foster.  Now to some, the name Henry Foster may not sound familiar, but I assure you that to many, the name means quite a lot.  On top of being a renowned OBGYN and the only black graduate from his medical class at the University of Arkansas in 1958, Mr. Foster also served as a policy advisor for the Clinton administration, and was President Bill Clinton’s nominee to be Surgeon General in 1995.

To me, “Hank”, as he asked to be called, was my neighbor on a three hour flight who quickly became a friend.  I always look forward to the randomness of potential acquaintances to be met by happenstance on a flight – sometimes the randomness can prove to be an annoyance, but in this case, it proved to be an absolute pleasure.

Throughout the course of our brief, although in-depth, conversation, the topic of healthcare, and its current state in the U.S., came up.  When discussing not only the ACA, but also the newest version of its replacement, the AHCA, Hank said something to me that I will not soon forget.  While he claimed that his statement was an adaptation from something said by Winston Churchill, his comment with regards to healthcare in the US was this: “Americans will almost always do the right thing – so long as they’ve tried all the wrong things first”.  CLICK HERE to read the full article.


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