Are Your Recreational “Toys” Wearing Red Shirts?

by | Jan 12, 2017 | Personal Insurance, Recreational Vehicle Coverage

So you just purchased your dream ATV and can’t wait to take it out for a spin. Off you go with the wind in your hair looking like the big shot on campus without a care in the world!  There is however, nothing worse than taking your new toy out for a spin, being oh-so-happy and just like that, in the middle of all the fun-BAM! You crash it into a tree!  Your new toy might as well have been wearing a Red Star Trek shirt!   You’re ok, but sadly your ATV isn’t.  Now you have a claim and a loss on your hands.  Did you get the proper coverage from your agent?  Some key tips to keep in mind about recreational vehicles:

  • Watercrafts– While insurance coverage isn’t always required for your boat or watercraft; it will benefit you in the event of the claim. After all, you cannot stop a boat on a dime so unexpected obstacles in your path can lead to costly repairs and severe liability issues.
  • Snowmobiles– A snowmobile may give you the fix that you need to fight the winter blues! Snowmobiles can be fun but also cause damage and injury. Will your homeowner’s policy provides enough coverage in the event of a claim? Most homeowner’s policies don’t provide adequate coverage (or any coverage in many instances) so starting a specialty policy for your snowmobile will help bridge that gap.
  • Trailers and RV’s– Typically, trailers and RV’s require you to register them and insure them for license plates to be issued. Coverage shouldn’t be an afterthought. Physical damage coverage is an option that can really come in handy at the time of a loss. Additional coverages that you should think about are things like vacation liability, coverage for awnings and personal belongings, etc.

Having a fun new recreational vehicle can be exciting and having the patience to properly prepare it for a season full of fun and activity is always a good thing! Before trying out any new vehicle remember to call your insurance agent!  Having a knowledgeable insurance agency like FBinsure can help provide protection for fun in every season!


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