We would like to take a minute to share something close to the hearts of our team because we are making a request for your help.  The city of Attleboro has just received a grant to make Sanford Alley beautiful and is taking a survey for a name to honor this new renovated area, one of whom is Tom Cuddy, Jr.  Well, there is no doubt in our mind or anyone that knew Tom who’s name should be devoted to that area and here’s why.

Tom Cuddy, Jr. with his Attleboro YMCA hat

Tom recently passed but his kind ways will never be forgotten. From helping someone to cultivating the beauty in the alley behind the FBinsure’s Attleboro office, he was a large part of the Attleboro community and cherished his place in it, always striving to build up and beautified his surroundings.

Some of our Attleboro team has worked in that office building for many years, back before it was FBinsure. This gave them the unique pleasure of watching an old outdated building and dark alleyway become beautiful.  When Tom Cuddy purchased the building, he took pride in the building as well as the surrounding areas. He knew that it was not just about fixing up his property he wanted the clients to know Attleboro was a beautiful place and he extended his dreams and generosity to the back alley and turned this once dark area into an beautiful spot.  He landscaped this area adding a beautiful tree between the buildings, flower boxes, and a little table with a chair to sit and enjoy your lunch or just have a conversation among friends. To this day, this area is always maintained throughout the year and at Christmas it always has a beautiful wreath.  This area didn’t belong to him but, that didn’t matter to Tom, it was important to him to share the beauty he saw in Attleboro with others even if it was a cost to him.

The once dark alleyway now filled with Tom’s donated tree and plants

His passing deeply affected many of our team who have worked with him. After speaking with our team it became clear that Tom’s true character shown through as he was someone that made everyone feel like they were somebody. Here’s what our team had to say:

He was a gentleman and cared for his family, city, and employees a great deal

“I was hired by Tom to work at Richardson-Cuddy as a young wife & mother of two elementary school aged girls.  I took the job to be close to home and their school.  Not knowing now, 21 years later, I would still be working in insurance industry and still working at Richardson-Cuddy, a division of FBinsure.  A huge part of this is because of Tom, he was a gentlemen and cared for his family, city, and employees a great deal.  Tom started the beatification of this space long ago and if you ever visited our Attleboro office and walked to our back door you will see a beautiful peaceful entryway. To have that alley behind the Attleboro office named after him would be like completing a vision he had so long ago.” -Kathy

He truly was like a “work Dad” to me

“I started my insurance career as a teenager.  Tom Cuddy hired me in our Richardson-Cuddy Attleboro office when I was a teenager and shared his kindness and insurance knowledge with me and believed in me sometimes more than I believed in myself. He truly was like a “work Dad” to me.  During the years I was thankful to grow with the Agency and at 62 years old I continue to share the knowledge and kindness to my clients that he taught me over the years.  I will never forget what he has done for me in my 45 years of insurance.  I knew when Tom was pleased with something I did for him because he would always reply, “Thanks kiddo.” That meant so much to me because he always treated me like he was my dad.  I looked up to him with so much and always appreciated the confidence he had in me.” –Mary

He was a very gentle and kind soul

“I was so sad to learn of Tom’s recent passing.  I didn’t get to know him very well but the times I did spend with him, he was a very gentle and kind soul. After reading all the kind words people said of him, his beautiful soul would live on in the beatification of that alley. To have that alley behind the Attleboro office in his name would be an honor to the community and even more special to us, Richardson-Cuddy customers, and to his family.” –Suzy

Tell me about you, your family, what you like to do on weekends, just you

“My first day of employment at Richardson-Cuddy, Tom made the time to come sit and talk with me.  He wanted to know who I was.  I started in with my insurance background and he stopped me & said “I appreciate your experience and feel the customers will also, however, tell me about you, your family, what you like to do on weekends, just you.” This, in addition to my welcoming employees that day made me know, I would love working for Richardson-Cuddy and felt like family after our conversation.” –Rebecca

He called me the little one who’s always smiling

“Tom always had a smile on his face when he came into the office. He always stopped at the front desk to ask me how I was doing. He called me the little one who’s always smiling. He had a very humble and genuine vibe about him that always made me feel so proud and positive to know I was working in a building that was his. He had a very strong, wonderful presence about him.” –Taymara

He was never short on a joke to keep me smiling

“Tom and I have shared many years working together.  I always enjoyed our conversations in which he shared his perspective on changes in the industry, professionalism and how to conduct a reputable business, staying healthy, and of course great food- never leaving out the need to feed our sweet tooth! He was never short on a joke to keep me smiling. Thinking about how much he shared of himself with others is a trip down memory lane that I will forever cherish!” –Tracy

Tom was also very involved with the Attleboro community, you can learn more about Tom’s impact here.

This week, we are asking for your help in recognizing an Attleboro legacy. Please visit here to vote for Tom (it only takes a few seconds and you are not required to enter any personal or contact information) voting closes April 30th, 2021.

The Sanford Alley renovation project details can be found here.

Thank you for taking the time to help!


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