Thanksgiving Dinner!  What is typically referred to as the Smorgasbord is now done and everyone has splintered off into their own little sections.  Some watch the traditional football game while dinner settles in along with the infamous Tryptophan Turkey Coma!  So commences the sounds of family chatter, children playing, football, snoring and holiday themed music which are all a culmination to one unmistakable confirming fact; that Christmas is around the corner!

Then it’s “Go-Time;” the day you’ve been waiting for since last Thanksgiving. You’re ready to shop like a pro!  That Black Friday App that has been dormant since last year has been dusted off and booted up.  At this point you’ve scanned through almost all the flyers to see what stores are open and who has the best “must have” items on sale. Now the time has come to divide and conquer. You assign family teams to flip through all the flyers.  You have one job to do and you do it with precision.  A cousin to the left, others to the right as your game plan begins to take shape.  You make the list of which stores to go to first, second and third.  There will most assuredly be more than one stop in your shopping frenzy.  Coffee is brewing and your goal is to get as much done as you can in this one crazy night. Black Friday is not for the faint of heart. It is feared by most, but reveled by the few and the strong. The car has been cleaned out of trash, sneakers, gym clothes and car seats.  You’ve cleared the maximum space possible with your stow-N-go seating and your spacious mini-van/SUV is now ready to be stuffed with all the highly coveted items to be gathered on your list.

STOP!  What if while you were out shopping your car was broken into or stolen?  Would you have the insurance coverage or funds to replace the money you just spent?  Wouldn’t it be a good time, before you make a single stop on Black Friday, to ensure that those items in your car would be covered if they were stolen?  Did you know that on the standard auto policy, there is no coverage if items in your car are stolen?  The good news is that if you have a home, renter’s or a condo policy in place, your stolen holiday presents could be covered.  If you rent an apartment and already have an auto policy, you could get this coverage for as low as $3.00 a week which is less than a large designer coffee.

For more information on protecting your Black Friday purchases from the unthinkable, call FBInsure or stop by any of our nine locations today!


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