Planning a Safe Summer Road Trip

by | Jul 20, 2015 | Uncategorized

Summer is here and day trips and vacations are well under way. Travelling is fun and exciting, however, it can end up quite nightmarish if you don’t plan ahead. Whether for business or pleasure, planning safety into every mile is the key to happy memories. AAA offers these suggestions for an accident-free trip:

  1. Before you go: Have your car inspected, plan your route ahead of time (don’t rely solely on a GPS) and inform your financial institution of your travels to avoid a hold being placed on your account.
  2. On the road: Practice caution, safeguard your belongings, be a courteous driver and do not stop for accidents or breakdowns (unless they are your own, of course).
  3. If your car breaks down: Activate your hazard lights to warn oncoming traffic, lock the doors, close the windows and do not accept rides from strangers.

Don’t leave caution to the wind.  Take time to plan ahead by making safety preparations that will ensure you come back with happy vacation memories and pictures instead of headaches you would rather forget.  If you have questions about your insurance needs call or stop by any of our 8 convenient FBinsure locations.

Planning a Safe Summer Road Trip


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