Picking the Right Insurance Player

by | Oct 18, 2018 | Business, Business Insurance, Business Risk

LoadingYou have spent years dreaming about it, months looking for the perfect building and now you have the startup scratch ready to go!  Your new sports facility is ready for action. You made lists about the lists of turf, netting, equipment you want to have. Your business plan includes the best instructors in the area and every league is begging you to open the doors.

In every endeavor, there is always something that feels missing, but not this one, you have all the bases covered. All you have to do now is call the company that handles your personal insurance and ask them to give you a quick policy.

Yes… you called your car insurance company. 

Your home & auto coverage provider has no idea what exposures and risks face an indoor sports facility, because it’s not their specialty. It’s not the position they play in the insurance game. The right broker can paint the full picture to an underwriter, explain how you are mitigating the risks and make you more attractive to the right carrier. A broker who spends his nights and weekends giving lessons in a facility and can relate to your day to day operations. If the underwriters do not have a clear understanding of your program or facility you could be under-covered and at serious risk.

Whether opening a new facility or finding better coverage for an existing establishment, an indoor sports facility requires the proper players playing the proper positions. Visit our Sports & Facility page or reach out to me, Justin Gordon, and spend your time coaching, not worrying about your risks.


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