Knowing The Right Play

by | Jul 18, 2014 | Insurance Claims

football playsIt’s easy to be a Monday morning quarterback where you can assess a situation and make decisions with a clear head.  Go back 24 hours however, and in the heat of the play, that went terribly wrong, decisions aren’t so clear.  At FBinsure we want to make sure you know the right “play” before it happens.  Making sure you are aware of the information you will need, the process that will take place and generally what your responsibilities are.  Filing a claim for an accident or loss can be confusing so we have broken down the process into a few easy to understand and clear steps that will help you on your way to getting reimbursed.  As with any situation, a claim may have exceptions that you will have to work with your insurance agent to navigate. Here are the essential basic steps once the claim has been submitted to the insurance company:

  1. You will be contacted, usually between 24 and 48 hours by an insurance company adjustor to gather detailed information about your claim.  They may take a recorded statement on how the loss occurred.  The insurance company may need reports from the police department or fire department before any payment can be processed.
  2. If your vehicle is driveable you will be asked to bring your vehicle to a local drive-in where the visible damages will be evaluated. You will receive a copy of the estimate for repairs which you can bring to your auto body shop.  The body shop will contact your insurance carrier if they find any supplemental damages not discovered in the initial estimate.  Your insurance carrier will review the additional damages, if they are a result of the loss a supplemental payment will be made.  If the vehicle is not driveable an adjuster will travel to where the vehicle is located, the process then remains the same.
  3. Damages to property other than an auto may require an adjuster view the damages on site.  Proof of ownership and evidence of value may be required.  Extensive damage may require partial payment until all repairs have been made.

It is the responsibility of your insurance company to settle and pay your claim.  It is the responsibility of your agent to make sure that this process is done as quickly and fairly as possible with a minimum of uncertainty and hassle for you.  If you have questions about your claim or have questions on filing a new claim, you can call the FBinsure offices anytime to speak with a representative.


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