Just Who Are The Forgotten Treasures When Dealing With Workers’ Compensation Issues?

by | Mar 26, 2014 | Workers Compensation

From time to time we find blogs written by industry experts that are quite worthy of sharing. This week we share a blog that sheds light on best practices for handling injury management best practices. This was written in January 2014 by an FBinsure trusted resource and Co-Founder of Oceanus PartnersFrank Pennachio.



When addressing injury management practices and processes, the person most likely to be overlooked to provide improvement in this area is the front-line supervisor. Supervisors are forgotten treasures in the injury management outcomes equation. Consider this:

  • They have firsthand knowledge of the injured employee, the work environment and the opportunities that exist in modified work assignments
  • They can directly influence the tone and message sent to injured workers on behalf of the employer
  • If they have an existing relationship with an employee based on trust and transparency, they can be made available to answer questions about their health and safety

In an interview with EHS Today, veteran of the chemical industry Paul Balmert said, “The guys doing the work pay a lot more attention to their front-line supervisor than they ever do the plant manager or the vice president,” Balmert said. “The biggest single mistake I saw in my 30 years was when managers didn’t understand or appreciate [that] and therefore didn’t take maximum advantage of that tremendously powerful leader out there.”

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