Heat and humidity can cause several different types of heat-related illnesses such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Knowing the signs and symptoms of each type of heat-related illness will help to keep you safe on the job. Normally, the body has ways of keeping itself cool by allowing heat to escape through the skin and evaporating sweat (perspiration).

If the body does not cool down properly or does not cool down enough, a person may suffer a heat-related illness. Anyone is susceptible to a heat-related illness, but the very young and elderly are at the greatest risk. Beyond that, heat-related illnesses can become serious or even deadly if unattended.

Here is a brief safety video to help you recognize the signs of heat related illness.

If you or a co-worker experiences symptoms of heat illness, call 911 immediately.  For more information on workplace safety or workers’ compensation risks you face, contact a FB Comp Advisor today!


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