Jeans Day: Jen Thomas

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Employee Commitment, Jeans Day

Each month, our employees choose a cause as part of our FBcares program.  This March our team is coming to the aid of our friend and fellow employee Jen Thomas. We usually raise money by donating dollars in exchange for wearing jeans to work on the last Friday of the month. However, as our team is remote due to COVID-19 pandemic, we found out Jen likes sea turtles so that was our theme instead of jeans and we encouraged our team to get creative.

Jen is a prominent member of the Middleboro community and many of you may know her as Mrs. Claus in the annual Middleboro Christmas parade. At FBinsure, many of our team members describe her as their work wife or work sister and that just goes to show the influence Jen has had here. This is due impart to her bright personality, contagious smile, and warm spirit. You can count on her to reel people onto the dance floor during our company Christmas party to make sure everyone has a good time.

In February, Jen suffered a serious brain injury after an unexpected fall. This is a stark reminder that accidents are often sudden and life can change in a split second. She is now on the long road to recovery. We’re happy to hear she is doing well and making great strides.

Unfortunately, Jen and her family are accruing hefty medical expenses. As her friends, we want to ensure that they have the support to face the current and coming challenges. We are raising money within our organization to help offset some of the percentage detracted by GoFundMe. This platform is still a great option for donating to Jen and her family as every penny counts. You can find the GoFundMe here


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