This month’s Jeans Day is advocated by Brenna Gimler. Hear why this organization is near and dear to her:

Steve & Sharon at the CZC Gala celebrating 20 years in operation.

For this August’s Jeans Day I have decided to give to the Comfort Zone Camp, a camp for children who have lost a parent, sibling, or other primary caregiver. The reason this organization has my full attention and commitment for this Jeans Day, other than its mission to help grieving kids, is simply because of my friend Steve Roy.

Steve is one of the most amazing people I have had the privilege of knowing.  He and his awesome wife, Sharon, are the parents of four grown children that include a set of triplets. They are shown here at the Comfort Zone Camp Gala celebrating 20 years in operation. Steve and Sharon host numerous house guests who are in need of a place to stay, none of which are usually planned.  Providing a warm bed and hot food to those who need it, regardless of the season or holiday. Steve’s kids are grown but he spends roughly 20 hours a week, 9 months a year working with my husband Rob at Bridgewater-Raynham High School building the sets for the “Raynwater Players” group.   Another unpaid donation of his time.  There isn’t a moment in the 5 years that I’ve known him that Steve’s glass, despite how crazy and chaotic his world can get, isn’t half full. Things that would have broken the rest of us only fuel Steve to want to do more for everyone else.  He donates every moment that he can to the camp, often travelling hundreds of miles to get there.

Comfort Zone CampSteve is one of those unique individuals that gives everything he has to his family, friends, and this organization.  Why in the world would someone spend so much time and money to go hang out with grieving kids?  Well, here’s why.  When Steve was 11 years old, he lost not only his father in a terrible car accident, but his brother as well.  It left him in pieces that he was left to pick up on his own without a “camp” full of caring people.  Steve found out about Comfort Zone Camp through his professional job and volunteered only to realize that he wished it had been around when he needed it.  The camp has been in Massachusetts for about 7 years but has chapters in many other states across the USA.  Steve continues to be part of Comfort Zone Camp, helping so many children who are going through exactly what he did.  It’s one thing when someone says “I know how you feel” but Steve really does.  He’s amazing.

Kids in a huddle at campSo where does the money donated this month go?  It will go to Comfort Zone Camp to help them keep the doors open for any child who needs it.  There is no cost to the children who attend so they depend on donations and grants from people like us:

Giving to this month’s Jeans Day can’t be expressed in words just how much it will mean to my friend Steve and to the “littles”, as they are called, who are struggling with overwhelming feelings of loss.

Be on the lookout for our team wearing jeans on Friday, August 30th for this awesome cause!


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