Is That 15 Minutes Worth It Or Not?

by | Jul 10, 2014 | Farrell Backlund, FBinsure, Insurance, Insurance Cost

Have you stopped to think about how much that 15 minute policy is really worth?  Here’s some food for thought.

drive by insuranceIt may take just 15 minutes but it doesn’t answer your questions.  Nope that is another call that will take you well over 15 minutes to get answered and may lead to other questions.

  • Are you actually covered properly?  You may not be if you just follow the prompts like a robot.  The problem with drive through insurance coverage is that the “what if’s, how about’s and in the event of…” questions do not get asked and therefore do not get answered or accounted for.
  • Who is your contact?  Everyone?  That’s perfect if you are into ambiguity and getting a different answer for every question you have.  Would you like your PCP to be like the Emergency Room where you take whomever you get or would you prefer to speak to the same person each and every time you go to the office?
  • Go where everyone knows your name…or at least your history.  That 15 minute policy is great up front but turnover at large corporations can be high which means that you’ll be explaining the details to every claim, question and risk over and over and over again.  Talk about banging your head up against the wall.
  • One-stop shopping. If you let someone place your homeowners insurance with one company and your car insurance with another and your motorcycle insurance with a third, how can you be sure that you are getting the best deal?  Having your policies all under one insurer increases the chances that gaps and benefits are much clearer.


These are just some of the common issues that can drive a 15 minute buyer’s remorse headache any day of the week.  There are things in life that we should take the time to truly evaluate.  Times when we really need to buy into the extra coverage or Suisse army knife functionality of some products.  Times when it pays (literally) to CYA and pay for “just in case”.  Having a professional know to cover you for the replacement cost of your home instead of the Actual Cash Value may just pay for itself should you have a fire that burns your home to the ground.


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