Insurance Is Like Dressing For The Weather

by | Jul 10, 2014 | Insurance

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It is now summer and most of us have traded in our winter jackets, mittens and scarves for bathing suits, flip flops and sun block.  Why is not a surprise.  The weather has changed and now the daily temperature is in the 70s. With beautiful weather like this, we instinctively make the adjustment to cooler clothes and fun foods.  Why we change our eating habits seasonally is something we could ponder in a separate blog and probably more than one post but not today.  In a similar fashion to the weather changes, when our lives change we also adjust our worlds to accommodate those changes as well.  For example, when you buy a new home usually you make sure your income will support the monthly mortgage.  When you bring home a new baby you make purchases such as a crib, car seat, play pen, high chair, etc. to help you take care of the baby and keep the baby safe. These changes are almost instinctive in nature and can probably be tied to the survival of the fittest theory. (this is another topic that can be discussed in another 500 words some other time).  The plain fact is that life changes regularly in many ways.  We grow and our income hopefully grows in sync.  When our income grows our assets and possessions grow.


Out with the old and in with the new as the old adage goes.  We graduate from beater cars that we use as we learn to drive  which we park anywhere and any which way to the vehicles that we park across two parking spots to keep safe.  Potentially we start our lives in a little one room apartment where door dings, wall scratches and mold on the ceiling from 20 minute showers don’t affect us. We then move on to homes of our own in every shape and size which we now spend every waking moment improving and updating with every free cent we have.  These are rites of passage that we earn with age and wisdom.  As we grow we take much pride in the possessions that we pay for, earn and work hard for.  We protect them in almost every way except the one that matters most.  Proper insurance coverage.


Your homeowner policy, just like your seasonal wardrobe, should be reviewed at least once per year or whenever something changes.  Let’s say you were to experience a home fire which destroyed your home. Last spring you had put a 500 square foot addition onto your house but you neglected to notify your insurance agent.  Now that it is time to use your insurance policy, you find that the coverage is no longer sufficient to cover the entire home. In a situation like this you may find yourself paying for a portion of the damage out of your own pocket. Notifying your agent of significant upgrades or additions is imperative in order to maintain the proper coverage on your home. You may not think that it is important now, but if a loss of any kind occurs, you’ll be glad you took the time to do it.





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