Eligibility For Homeowner’s Insurance?

Some people subscribe to the theory that less is more. That is definitely not the case when communicating with your insurance agent. Your agent can’t properly recommend the right coverages for you unless they know what your needs are. At FBinsure we review our client’s exposures – things that may drive up your costs – at the time we are writing your policy, so that there are no surprises at claim time. When you work with an independent agent at FBinsure, be prepared to sit down and have a long chat with about many aspects of your home you may not have considered before.

A few things can affect your pricing and eligibility with an insurance company.  

Do you have a wood stove or pellet stove? 

Some carriers charge an additional premium for alternate heating devices. All companies will want a completed questionnaire regarding the type of unit, age, installation etc.  

Do you have a pool?

Is it above ground or in-ground? Does it have a slide or diving board? Most carriers will write a policy if you have a pool, as they’re commonplace and many people have them. There are stipulations, of course: It must be fenced or inaccessible to unwanted swimmers, and some companies prohibit things like slides or diving boards altogether. 

Do you have a trampoline?  

Trampolines are a popular backyard feature for families with young children. Some carriers will not write coverage on a home that has a trampoline. Many other companies require that it be netted.  

Do you have a dog?

No matter how much we may love and train our dogs, there are many breeds that are on insurance companies’ “naughty list”. German Shepherds, Akitas, Pit Bulls, and Rottweilers, top some lists, and that’s just to name a few. Regardless of the breed, if you own a dog that has previously bitten someone, that will pose a coverage problem when writing a policy. All companies require a questionnaire to be completed for the dog.  

Do you operate a business out of your house?

Incidental businesses can generally be covered under the homeowner’s policy by adding a rider for a small cost. If you have full time business from your home, that business may need its own policy.  

Any of these things can affect the amount of insurance you’re eligible for, what could be excluded from coverage, and how much it will cost you. With FBinsure, you can be certain we’ll help you identify these and more exposures that could affect your costs and eligibility to ensure and find the best policy for you, your family and your business. 

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