Are You Giving Away Money To Cyber Criminals?

by | Sep 23, 2016 | Cyber Security, Data Breach, Data Security, Data Thieves

Cyber Hackers never rest!

Let’s be honest—criminal hackers are very good at what they do. As a matter of fact good criminal hackers are better at what they do for a living than what we legally do for a living. THIS is a link to the article written by an IT professional entitled: “How Criminal Hackers Make Money From Your Data”.  It is a very simple to read article and drives home this point.

Any organization, regardless of what business or professional sector they are in, is a “target rich” environment. Your data makes you a virtual “ATM” for a criminal hacker. To think otherwise is foolhardy. It only takes one data breach to realize the sky is falling or is about to fall. The link above discusses 5 types of data that criminal hackers seek and how it can be used to financially benefit them while crippling your organization.

A sixth scenario, not discussed in the article, deals with electronic crime which including phishing emails, fraudulent instructions & wire transfers. We will talk more about this in a future blog.  For more information about protecting your data against Hackers, call FBinsure and ask for Ed McGuire.


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