Frequently Asked Questions About Hurricane Coverage

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Do I have hurricane insurance?

Hurricanes are wind losses.  Homeowner’s policies provide coverage for losses caused by wind subject to a deductible.  Insurance companies issue different deductibles.  Depending on where the property is located there may be a wind, named storm or hurricane deductible.  Check with your agent to see what deductible applies to your policy.

What happens when my tree falls in my yard?

Most policies will pay a nominal amount to remove a tree felled by a windstorm subject to a deductible.  Some policies limit payment to only those trees that hit a covered structure while others will pay if it falls within the landscaped portion of your yard.   Coverage for the loss of the tree itself is usually excluded for a windstorm (hurricane).

What happens when my tree falls in my neighbor’s yard?

In most instances your homeowner’s policy will not pay for removal of your tree from your neighbor’s yard.


What happens if my neighbor’s tree falls in my yard?

Your neighbors tree falling in your yard is treated the same as your tree falling in your own yard.


I have water in my basement, am I covered?

Usually groundwater water seeping into a basement is not covered under a homeowners’ policy. Coverage can be purchased for water which backs up through sewers and drains. If the homeowner has a sump pump coverage can be purchased to provide some coverage in the event the pump fails to adequately remove the water.  If a flood insurance policy was purchased there may be some coverage depending on the circumstances and coverage purchased.

I lost power, my food has spoiled, am I covered?

Food spoilage is not covered under a homeowners policy unless a specific endorsement was purchased or an enhancement endorsement containing this coverage was added.  Food spoilage may be subject to the policy deductible or a separate deductible.

I lost power, my sump pump did not have a battery back-up, do I have coverage?

Water which backs up is not covered under a homeowners policy.  If you purchased a package endorsement or specific sump pump endorsement you may have coverage.  Some companies require a battery back up for the sump pump before coverage will apply.  The policy deductible or a specific deductible may apply.

A tree fell on my car, am I covered?

Damaged caused by a falling tree is covered under Comprehensive coverage.

I drove through water and my car flooded, am I covered?

If you carry Comprehensive coverage your policy will provide coverage for water damage to your vehicle.  Your Comprehensive deductible will apply.

A tree fell on my boat.  Am I covered?

  • If you purchased a policy covering the boat the damage caused by a tree will be covered subject to a deductible.  Watercraft policies contain specific haul out requirements during a hurricane and certain lay-up periods which must be met to receive coverage.
  • If your boat was not specifically covered by a watercraft policy and was not located at your premises your homeowners policy will not provide any coverage.  If your boat was located on your residence premises a nominal amount of coverage may be available.

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