Finally Fall! A Season For Pumpkin Spice & Productivity

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This week September 22nd marked the first day of fall here in New England. Pumpkin spice lattes are back, leaves are beginning to change and the cooler air is just starting to roll in.  Fall in Massachusetts is always a beautiful time of year with great temperatures for outdoor activities and important projects. If you are looking to fill up your fall weekends we have a couple suggestions below:

Fall Fun!

  1. Stop at an apple orchard. Massachusetts has no shortage of beautiful farms & orchard. Be sure to go early for your bushel and then make applesauce or baked goods with your fresh pickings.
  2. Visit the pumpkin patch and explore a corn maze. Then, paint or carve your pumpkins and host a friendly decorating competition.
  3. Buy seasonal produce at a farmers market. Try a new recipe with fresh seasonal ingredients like these pumpkin ravioli.
  4. Enjoy a car ride to take in the fall foliage.
  5. Hike any of New England’s many trails or in the state forests to take in the fall colors.
  6. Camp out in your backyard or local parks.
  7. Rake the leaves in your yard and take turns jumping in leaf piles or jumping out to scare passersby.
  8. Build a (reasonable) bonfire. Enjoy as-is or roast marshmallows for s’mores. Be sure to check if you need a permit in your town to burn.
  9. Set up a fall movie outside or visit a drive-in movie theater.
  10. Look to the sky for full moons, lunar and solar eclipses, and meteor showers. The next visible meteor show is Orionids around Oct 20th.

Fall Grind

As fun as fall can be it is also a valuable period to prepared your home and vehicle for the winter months and ensure you are ready for the coming cold.

  1. Get those gutters cleared! Ice damns are no joke, and the easiest step for prevention is ensuring the water from melting snow has an easy path to drain away from your home.
  2. Have your heating system inspected and any required filters replaced. Avoid last minute headaches before it’s too cold to function.
  3. Test smoke & carbon monoxide detectors. Replace the batteries if you haven’t yet this year.
  4. Rake, fertilize, and aerate your lawn so you are prepared for next spring.
  5. Drain hoses of water and yard equipment of gas before storing them for next season
  6. Check your tires and treads. Your ability to break, maneuver and overall safety are all negatively impacted by worn tires, don’t wait untill December to find out you need replacements.
  7. Inspect your breaks. It’s recommended to check your breaks twice a year, so since you are already checking tires, best to inspect those brake pads as well.
  8. Have some windshield wiper replacements ready. Even if they are still in good condition the winter is had on our cars so it is best to anticipate what’s coming up.

Stack your weekends with lots of fun and a couple chores, and you will be amazed at how fast the season flies by!


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