FBinsure Awarded MA Grant for Education

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At FBinsure, we believe that knowledge and education are an intricate part of a person’s growth as an employee and as an individual in everyday life. As an agency we wanted to find a way to offer a better opportunity to our staff members, allowing them to better themselves, their careers and lives; and in turn the service they provide to our clients. It was through this belief that “FBinsure University” was created.

 FBinsure is proud to state that we are one of the first if not the only agency to have developed our very own University (FBU). This university serves to broaden the opportunity for education and training for all of our staff. FBU was established in 2012 and is a unique benefit for our employees and clients. FBU began as a training program utilizing fellow volunteer colleagues as mentors and coaches. We found that FBU was received well by our employees and served as an excellent tool in assisting each employee to work to their full potential. As our university grew we decided to think outside of the box and research different types of education programs we could offer our employees that were outside the realm of a typical insurance agency education. With that mindset we researched ways in which to accomplish this, and discovered the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund.

The Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund is a state program financed by Massachusetts businesses for the sole purpose of providing resources to employers to assist in the training of Massachusetts workers. In order to benefit from this program, our agency needed to apply for a grant from the state of Massachusetts. In the process of applying for this grant, FBinsure partnered with UMass Dartmouth on this education endeavor and together we came up with a pretty amazing training program.

 We established six different training modules to be included in the grant application. We wanted to offer our staff classes that would allow them the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. The sessions range from computer classes to leadership classes. Our desire was to offer something for each and every one of our employees. After working on the training modules and grant application for almost a year, we were finally ready to submit our application to the state. Within three short months of presenting our application to the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund Program our grant was approved, allowing us to move forward with our exciting plans for FBU.

 We began establishing classes to improve our employees’ communication skills, customer service, service to sales and different levels of computer classes. We will also be offering leadership training to our current management staff, along with some future leaders within our organization. We are pleased that the state where we live helps local businesses by offering such great programs.  Statistics have shown that if you educate and train your team to be their best; they will perform more effectively and be happier in their roles within an organization.  At FBinsure, we believe in our employees and know that it will allow each and every one of our employees to share knowledge, utilize their abilities and have the confidence to go above and beyond in providing the best service to our clients.

 We are very proud of the uniqueness of FBU and look forward to the continuing accomplishments within our staff and our agency in the future. We know that FBU will serve our employees well, and in turn, benefit our clients by continuing to improve upon the excellent service our clients have come to expect from FBinsure.


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