Dirty Little Secrets Part 3 of 5

by | Nov 28, 2014 | Claims, Commercial, Experience Mod, Farrell Backlund, Helpful Tips, Insurance, Workers Compensation

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Secret # 3 may come as a surprise to you but one which is important for us to share with you.  The culture of an organization will have a larger impact on your premium dollars than the safety practices of an organization.  How can we say that?  It’s workers’ compensation and safety is obviously extremely important and we are not diminishing the value of safety as a practice.  What this means is that the culture of an organization will drive the dollars.  Many times we work with employers that have a problem on their hands.  They have an organization that has embraced workers compensation as a benefit and a way to simply take time off which happens for a variety of reasons.   It is a struggle for employers to get their arms around that concept.

An example of how this happens could be that the culture has evolved within a environment of distrust where the employees may not feel as though they are treated fairly.  In a culture such as this, employees are far less likely to come back to work as quickly as they possibly could.  What they are likely to get is poor medical care that is not being directed properly.  This can lead to fraud, malingering (exaggerate or feign illness in order to escape duty or work) and spending time at home hanging out enjoying the benefits of workers’ compensation without actually getting back to work .  What is worse is that they are far more likely to seek attorney involvement at the time of the claim.  This translates to a lot of premium dollars that we are all too familiar with.

The flip side to the above scenario is an organization that handles a claim well.  An organization that has established a culture that is beneficial to the workers’ compensation program where employees enjoy working for their employer, their supervisor and they respect their co-workers, each other and their leadership.  In organizations such as these, where there is a trust between the employees and their leadership it is a statistically proven fact that employees return to work faster versus using the workers’ compensation system to take time off from work.  They use workers’ compensation when it is needed and they get back to work when they are ready

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