Defense Wins Championships in the NFL and in Life

by | Jan 31, 2014 | Uncategorized

The Super Bowl is this weekend, and football fans around the country will gather together to watch the best defense in the NFL battle the best offense in the NFL. This should be an exciting gridiron contest, perhaps one for the ages. Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos offense have been shattering records all year long, while Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks’ defense have made a habit of shutting down elite NFL offenses all season. On February 2nd we will find out what wins championships…offense or defense? I happen to think that in most cases defense wins over offense.

So what does a football game have to do with insurance you may ask? The answer is simple; insurance is the best defense against catastrophic events. Whether it is damage to your property, a lawsuit against you, poor health issues or even death (expected or not).  Events like these have the ability to cripple even the most financially secure individuals. Having the right insurance policies with the proper coverages will help to protect you against some of life’s most creative, unexpected and disastrous offenses.

This weekend is unwritten just as life is unwritten.  Players from both teams are guests in a foreign arena and are preparing to do what they always do…play football.  It is the unexpected that may take them by surprise; adversely affecting the outcome of the game.  The Broncos media sessions have been held on the media luxury liner, the Cornucopia Majesty.  Although this process was part of their plan, it was not in their plan that many of the team members would suffer sea sickness from the swaying of the yacht on the Hudson River.  Another challenge for them is that the practice field on which they have been assigned to get ready for the big day, has been frozen.  This has made game rehearsal a bit more challenging for the team as a whole.  The weather has been erratic with temperatures up and down and everything in between.  Will this impact the Broncos game on Sunday?  Maybe, maybe not. Are they fully prepared to handle these unexpected challenges?  One would think so after many years in the game but there is no crystal ball that can give us a definite answer.  All we can do is hope that the team we are rooting for has prepared well enough for the unexpected to reach coveted success.  Such is life.  You take each day as it comes, do the best that you can and prepare for the unexpected by having the right insurance defense. 

Whether in the NFL or in your own life, being well prepared with the right defense will always prove to be the best way to battle a tough offense and the unexpected. Contact your local agent today to ensure that you are defending you and your loved ones against whatever may come your way.


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