We live on our phones and couldn’t imagine the horror of something happening to them, so why are
they not protected? Cyber Attackers are acutely aware that tablets, computers, laptops, and smart
phones are an integral part of today’s world. Smart assistants, like Google Home and Amazon Echo, are
becoming increasingly prevalent. Another rising smart tech is Bluetooth smart security systems for
homes. As a whole, this presents a lot of entry points for Cyber Attackers to get in. Keep in mind, a lot of
these are still new tech and are still gaining in popularity. Essentially, they haven’t been around long
enough to have most of the bugs worked out– including security.

Okay, but are cyber attacks that bad? What’s the worst that could happen? Well, to name a few, this
poses a huge risk for our personal data to be used fraudulently, virus attacks on your systems, or even
cyber extortion. Yes, you read that right, cyber extortion. There have been multiple reports of people
that get a ransom note on their computer, rendering it incapacitated (ransomware), saying that their
data and files will remain encrypted if they don’t pay several thousand dollars.

The ubiquity of cyber attacks becoming mainstream has caused the insurance industry to take note.
Insurance companies are starting to offer coverage for the losses that can occur as a result of these
attacks. And these attacks can be costly. Let alone the amount of the ransom, there’s also the potential
need for data recovery or restoration of systems that may have been damaged due to the attack. This
requires professional assistance and can be an involved process to remediate.

Think of it this way, if you get a viral infection, like a cold, there’s no quick fix. There’s a lot involved in
getting better. You have to go to the doctor, you get medication for the next 10 days, you get
chamomile tea, and you practically invest stock in Kleenex. A cyber virus can wreak havoc on your
systems in just a short span of time, the same way the flu comes on very quickly and has a profound
effect on your body. And if you do get attacked, do you really trust that the person who forced their way
into your private property and threatened you isn’t going to touch anything just because they said they
wouldn’t if you paid them?

Cyber Protection through insurance protects you and your family from these losses and can be added to
your homeowner’s policy. It’s not costly to add to your policy either. Speak with your agent today to see
if your insurance carrier offers this coverage or call any of our FBinsure offices to speak with one of our representatives . You want to make sure you’re covered for the modern world.


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