Planning any additions to your home? Planting a tree? Installing a fence or deck?

All of these home improvements will require some level of digging, and some of these improvements are so small you may not think you have to notify the appropriate authorities of your intentions.  The truth is that no matter how small the projects, if any digging is required then you must notify all utility companies to be sure that you are not digging near a utility line.

Massachusetts state law requires all contractors and property owners to notify the appropriate utility companies at least three business days prior to undertaking any excavation work, even for small projects such as installing a mailbox or planting shrubs. Even small, shallow excavation jobs can be a risk if you do not know where underground lines are buried.

What is DIG SAFE? It is a not for profit clearinghouse that notifies participating utilities of your plans to dig. In turn, these utilities respond to mark out the location of their underground facilities. Dig Safe is a free service funded entirely by its member companies.

By calling DIG SAFE, one single phone call can fulfill both state and federal requirements for notification concerning digging, trenching, blasting, demolishing, boring, backfilling, grading, landscaping or other earth moving operations.

It is important to know what is buried in the ground before starting any project. The depths of utility lines vary and there may be multiple utility lines in common areas. Users of this system can avoid potential harm to equipment and workers and avoid service disruption to an entire neighborhood.  Reduce the time and expense association with notifying all appropriate utility companies by calling DIG SAFE.  It is not only a smart thing to do, it’s free and it is the law.

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