Buying Insurance Can Be Like Going To The Fair

by | Apr 1, 2016 | Insurance Cost

Remember when you used to go to the fair on a warm summer night and stroll across the fairgrounds with no particular plan?  The smell of popcorn, fried dough and spilled beer filled the air and became part of the “experience”.  The lights glowing from the rides and vendor carts, the sounds of carnival workers yelling to the crowd and cheers from ride goers all add to the ambiance and become your childhood memories. You couldn’t wait to eat the fried dough, cotton candy and popcorn along with the 18” tall slushy that had unlimited refills while sitting at the Skee Ball tent for an hour racking up tickets to win one of those comically large teddy bears.  Aaah, the memories of the fair!

As adults these experiences are quite different.  We walk with haste hanging onto our wallets and children with a death grip for fear they might both be stolen by some loony drunk.  The air is thick with the smell of old frying oil and stale beer, the ground is so gross and sticky that we pretty much have to throw out our shoes for fear of the deadly pathogens that stick to them. Those germs alone would quarantine our house like the movie E.T. right down to the plastic tarp and ribbed rubber walkway!  We run from the “Carnies” who shout at us and guilt us about not spending money to get our cutesie-wootsie little child that giant teddy bear that is near impossible to win.  They are everywhere slinging lies about how easy winning is when in reality it is rigged and nothing short of impossible to figure out before you realize you’ve handed over several $20’s to the smooth talking, slick handed thief that will disappear with your money and your dignity the next day never to return.

Fairs are a lot like purchasing insurance online from a gecko or a hyperactive woman in a white skirt or a crazy person posing as the chaos that can sometimes plague our lives. Their ads are a lot of fun and promise us enough savings to make us rich. The truth of the matter is they are basically creepy carnies who convince us to give them money with empty promises and sleight of hand. The difference here is that instead of spending a few twenties on trying to knock some bottles down to win a prize you will never win, you are spending money on an insurance policy that will not properly protect you. The truth is nothing in life is free, you get what you pay for.

At FBinsure we look out for your well being not in just the policy you want but the one you need at the best price that it can be found.  We care about you long after you leave the building holding your new insurance policy and you’ll never have to worry about whether or not what we said you bought is in reality just that.  At FBinsure you get much more than just a piece of paper with some numbers on it.  You get peace of mind that you and your loved ones & valuables are protected.  If you feel that you got more of a “fair experience” at your current insurance agency, come see us at any of our nine convenient locations. We do more than just insure.  We Ensure.


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