Beyond Insuring…Ensuring.

by | May 27, 2016 | Business, ensure

That’s our not so new tagline that we developed two years ago in our transition from Farrell Backlund to FBinsure.  Prior to our re-brand, it was “Above & Beyond”.  That was put in place in 1999.  I think it not only served us well, but really defined our service standards.

Beyond Insuring…..Ensuring is meant to be an extension of our “Above & Beyond” mentality.  We worked hard to capture that same mentality of striving to exceed service expectations as we always have.  But, what does “Beyond Insuring…Ensuring” really mean?

We “insure” our clients every day.  Insuring defines the transaction of our providing a product that meets our clients’ needs to address their risk.  Ensuring is meant to capture the relationship, strategic partnership, and our never ending desire to achieve the highest of standards and accolades in the eyes of our valued clients.

OK Tom, but what does it really mean?  It can certainly mean different things to different people.  I’ll share a story about what it means to me.

We recently had a client who fell ill.  He was in the hospital and not able to handle the administrative aspects of his business.  His bills were due and his insurance was to be cancelled.  His wife had never handled these issues and was unaware of what to do.  She was far more focused on the health of her husband as anyone would be.  We discovered all of this late on a Friday afternoon.


Ensuring is when an FB employee takes it upon herself to take her own personal time on a Saturday morning to make sure the work we did “insuring” stays in place in a time of our client’s greatest need.

That is exactly what happened here.  Mary Jackson of FBinsure headed to the hospital to meet with the husband and wife that following morning.  She empathized, she helped, she educated and she certainly went “Above & Beyond”.  She went “Beyond Insuring”.  She embodies the concept of the word “Ensuring”.  Mary represented the vision of our brand promise as so many on our team do every day.


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