Renewal Review

Annual Renewal Review

To provide an insurance plan tailored to the scale, needs and exposures of your business we ask that you provide the most current information to the questions below, helping us to stay up-to-date with your growing business. Please fill out the requested details below and submit. 

SMB - Account Renewal
Preferred Method Of Communication
Preferred Method of Policy Delivery
Major property improvements:
Any equipment upgrades or purchases:
New purchase of real estate or office rental:
Any business conducted in a state other than MA:
Any changes to your business operation:
Do you use the internet for your business operations:
Do you use drones in your operations:
Do you use subcontractors in your operations:
If yes, do you obtain a Certificate of Insurance:
In order to create a comprehensive protection plan it is important for us to be aware of all policies you have in place, even those with another provider. This helps to provide potential gaps in coverage. Please circle any coverage you may have with another provider?