A day on, not a day off: 25 ways to give back

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MLK Day. A Day On.

This Martin Luther King Jr. Day marks the 25th anniversary of the holiday.  Increasingly, MLK Day is becoming known as “a day on, not a day off,”  designated as a national day of service to encourage volunteering in and improving our local communities. Here are 25 ways you can strengthen communities

  1. Check on an elderly neighbor
  2. Donate your business clothes through www.dressforsuccess.org
  3. Donate food to a fire station
  4. Volunteer at a Boys & Girls Club
  5. Become a Big Brother or Big Sister through www.bbbs.org
  6. Volunteer at a Senior Living Community
  7. Donate food to a soup kitchen
  8. Donate toiletries to a homeless shelter
  9. Volunteer at a school event
  10. Organize a yard sale for charity
  11. Serve on a community board
  12. Volunteer at a museum
  13. Organize a food co-op
  14. Shop small at local businesses
  15. Donate blood
  16. Set up a collection jar at your office
  17. Organize a community clean-up
  18. Sponsor a youth sports team
  19. Donate art supplies to a Children’s Hospital
  20. Serve meals at a food bank
  21. Write a letter to a soldier through operationgratitude.com
  22. Donate suitcases and luggage to foster care shelters
  23. Volunteer with a youth sports team
  24. Tutor a student
  25. Donate used blankets and towels to an animal shelter


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